Enables advanced Energy Management (ie. Peak Shaving)

ShivAdhi Solar's O&M Services

Operation & Maintenance (O&M) is one of the most critical ways to ensure that the solar power system gives the best possible generation. At ShivAdhi Solar,, we work to maintain the plant infrastructure and equipment, with the goal of improving the equipment’s life by preventing excess depreciation and impairment. This enables the solar power plant to produce the maximum amount of energy throughout its operational life, perfectly aligning the interests of developers, clients and the investors.

Combining our experience in plant maintenance and advanced diagnostics with our expert O&M staff using a remote monitoring system, ShivAdhi Solar ensures the plant functions smoothly, thereby continuously generating solar power.

As a solar plant is installed, engineers at ShivAdhi Solar prepare a schedule for preventive maintenance. This includes, but is not limited to, adjustments, cleaning, lubrication, repairs, replacements, and the extension of equipment life. At least twice a year, O&M personnel conduct a general inspection of the installation-site.

Solar Operations and Maintenance Plans

Rising electricity costs and economic pressures have put even more importance on effective management of energy assets. With any revenue generating asset, solar owners should always be looking for ways to increase revenue while simultaneously decreasing costs. To that end, keeping your solar system at peak efficiency with solar maintenance is critical to ensuring maximum ROI. ShivAdhi Solar provides solar service, solar maintenance, operations and maintenance, solar asset management, distributed energy asset management, battery backup and off-grid O&M services. Below, please find our solar maintenance plan levels:

⦁ ShivAdhi Solar Protection Plan - This plan covers basic monitoring and discounted maintenance services as needed.
⦁ Residential O&M Plan - This plan includes everything in the Solar Protection Plan plus one cleaning and one inspection.
⦁ Solar Production Guarantee (Residential) - Includes everything in the Residential O&M Plan plus an output production guarantee.

Your choice will depend on the level of protection and operations and maintenance (O&M) you require. All service levels offer post-construction system inspections, annual preventative and manufacturer required maintenance, and remote system monitoring by our technicians.

Our Professional, Trained Technicians
Our technicians provide polite, respectful, professional service when in a customer’s home or business. Our crews wear clean uniforms, branded how the client requests. We use latest tools to deliver the most effective services.

Preventive vs Breakdown Maintenance
Preventive maintenance and breakdown maintenance both seek to maintain and repair equipment, but they have very different ways of doing this.

Preventive maintenance identifies any issues before equipment failure or downtime, through routinely scheduled maintenance. Breakdown maintenance works by running equipment until it breaks down, in which case repairs and maintenance are performed.

Preventive maintenance operates based on a schedule, where maintenance tasks are completed at specific intervals prior to downtime events. This is because the goal of preventive maintenance is to maximize the lifespan and runtime of equipment.

Breakdown maintenance is somewhat specific because it’s not applicable to many pieces of equipment. For example, it is not a suitable maintenance strategy for anything involved in human safety and health, nor is it a good strategy for critical or central pieces of equipment.

However, it works well with things that are designed to be used until they’re inoperable. This can include everything from light bulbs to residential water heaters.

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